What is Day of Remembrance?

CFJ Petition to U.S. President Biden

NEW! Resources – JLA Redress Update (02/2022)

CFJ at DOR 2022 Events

What is Day of Remembrance?

Day of Remembrance (DOR) commemorates the World War II incarceration of over 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry.  In major cities nationwide, Day of Remembrance is observed annually on or near February 19th, the date in 1942 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 authorizing the incarceration.

Day of Remembrance events aim to bring diverse communities together in order to build trust, respect and understanding among all people and to renew our pledge to fight for equality, justice, and peace.

CFJ Petition to U.S. President Biden

BREAKING: For the first time ever, on February 18, 2022, a President has acknowledged JLAs in a Presidential “Day of Remembrance” Proclamation. Acknowledgement is the first step toward redressing a wrong.

JOIN US:  Please take action to urge that President Biden and his Administration comply with international law and secure reparations for WWII human rights violations against Japanese Latin Americans.

Link to CFJ Petition on Change.org

Resources – JLA Redress Update

The following resources are available for screening at DOR 2022, community events, and classroom sessions as well as sharing on websites and social media. Please help spread the word.

JLA Redress Update (02/2022) – 6 min.
JLA Redress Trailer (02/2022) – 1 min.
JLA Day of Action Slide (02/24/2022)

Let’s get our voices heard!
Make your call on JLA Day of Action – Thurs. Feb 24, 2022.

CFJ at DOR 2022 Events – All times PST

* Feb. 16, 10:30am, Hayward, CA
Day of Remembrance – Chabot College
Speaker: Grace Shimizu

* Feb. 18, 6:00pm, Berkeley, CA
Day of Remembrance – UC Berkeley
Speaker: Grace Shimizu

* Feb. 19, 12-3pm, Denver, CO
Day of Remembrance – Mile High JACL
Keynote: Grace Shimizu
Speaker: Joe Ozaki, JP internee

* Feb. 19, 3-4:30pm, San Jose, CA
“Overcoming Hate and Fear: 80th Anniversary of E.O. 9066”
Speakers: Cynthia Choi, Alice Hikido, Kelsey Ichikawa, Grace Shimizu, Eiko Yamaichi

* Feb. 19, 5-6:30pm, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
“No One is Free Until We Are All Free – 80 Years after E.O. 9066”
Speakers: Rep. Barbara Lee, Jon Osaki, Grace Shimizu, Supervisor Shamann Walton
Candle Lighters for Crystal City:  Naganuma brothers (Kazuharu George, Kazuhige Jimmy, Kazumu Tony), JP internees

* Feb. 20, 10:00am, Washington, D.C.
“Restorative Justice and Healing in Preservation and Interpretation through Community Engagement”
Panelist: Phil Tajitsu Nash