Panama Canal Zone: Japanese Peruvians en route to U.S. internment camps. April 2, 1942. U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo. National Archives.





Children playing by barracks in Crystal City Internment Camp. ca. 1943-47.  Institute of Texan Cultures, USTA.





Internees being deported to Japan board a ship docked in Seattle, Washington. November 24, 1945. National Archives.






Japanese Peruvian men walking in a double-file line, guarded by armed MPs, in New Orleans. ca. 1943. National Archives.






Italian, German, and Japanese residents of Latin America leaving a temporary internment camp in the Panama Canal zone to join their male relatives in U.S. internment camps. April 7, 1942. Courtesy of San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library.




Aerial view of Crystal City Internment Camp, Texas.  ca. 1944-45. University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.






Japanese Peruvian boys wearing ID tags being processed for deportation. ca. 1943. National Archives.